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PLANO, Texas October 20, 2017 – Netera Network Integration, LLC announced today that it has sold the (VAR) Value Added Reseller portfolio of the business to Netsync Network Solutions. Netera Networks ( is a Plano, Texas based Company that provides consulting and delivery focused on Hybrid IT solutions. Netsync ( is a HUB-certified, minority-owned, VAR specializing in collaboration, unified communications, and data center.

“We at Netsync are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Netera’s VAR business. Netera brings complimentary assets to the Netsync family and we are looking forward to bringing better solutions for a now combined customer base” said Khalid Abunaja, President and CEO of Netsync. Chris Scott, President and CEO of Netera added, “During the evaluation of an acquiring partner, the most critical elements we wanted to ensure were the welfare of our clients and our employees. We could not be happier about this transaction. Netsync will be a great partner to increase the value offerings and service our customers with excellence” This transaction will increase Netsync’s existing Dallas, Texas footprint by retaining a large portion of Netera’s employees and provide a stronger brand recognition in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

If you have any questions, please call Netsync team @ 713-218-5000