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Engagement Lifecycle

Netera’s Engagement Lifecycle ensures you receive the full benefit of your technology investments.

Our five-step process ensures projects are delivered with
quality and excellence, on-time and in-budget.


ico-identifyWe meet with key personnel to get to know your business so that we can work with you to IDENTIFY business requirements.


ico-assessOur team will listen, learn and ASSESS your environment to understand the business drivers behind your project and the best way to help your organization.

ico-designOnce our team has a firm grasp of your business needs, our Solutions Architects DESIGN a solution specific to your needs and requirements.


ico-deliverAfter a Scope of Work and detailed document has been drafted and agreed upon, it’s now time that we implement our DESIGN. This is where we shine.

ico-manageWe then MANAGE your environment. During this time, we are constantly critiquing the environment and making suggestions for improvements and modifications to better protect your investment.



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