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Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

Pay for what you use, not what you might need down the road. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you rent the cloud infrastructure/virtualization (server, storage, networking and data center space) you need in a pay per-use consumption model instead of buying and installing it in your own data center.

cloudShifting to the cloud involves moving away from a traditional CAPEX model, in which you buy the dedicated hardware and depreciate it over a period of time, to an OPEX model, where you use a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and pay for it as you use it.

Benefits of an OPEX/Cloud approach include:

  • Highly scalable virtualized resources that can be adjusted on-demand.
  • No upfront infrastructure costs.
  • Saved resources that can be directed toward projects that differentiate your businesses.
  • Get applications up and running in less time.
  • Adjust resources faster to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.
  • Pay for what you use, not what you might need down the road.
  • Automate administrative tasks and achieve dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization and policy-based services.
  • Enjoy system maintenance backups and resiliency planning.

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Three reasons why Infrastructure as a Services might be a fit for you.

1. It’s a custom fit solution that scales to make resources available to you as you need them. That means we have guaranteed service levels, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

2. It delivers energy and budget savings. By migrating your infrastructure to our secured data centers, your technology costs move out of your facilities budget. There are no cooling or maintenance costs involved with any of your technology and with our pay as you go model, you simplify and reduce your IT budget.

3. Our state of the art data centers have multiple power feeds, backup generators, and redundancies built in.

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