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Like our Engagement Lifecycle, our Project Lifecycle ensures we deliver
and manage your project the right way.

The purpose of our Project Lifecycle is to define a standardized approach for delivering projects with quality and excellence while doing so on-time and in-budget. This framework was built upon a guiding set of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices that allows our teams to properly set and manage expectations with our clients and other Netera team members.

Our Professional Services helps you build better project lifecycles.


Five critical phases ensure consistent delivery and project success.

5-phase-1The INITIATE phase of the Project Management Process contains all of the necessary internal Netera steps required to create and prepare a project for execution.

5-phase-2The LAUNCH phase moves the project forward by providing a formal process for assigning team members, focusing the project team on all relevant details and project kickoff.

5-phase-3During the EXECUTE phase, the assigned team works directly with clients to complete many of the valuable tasks associated with the design and delivery of the proposed solution.

5-phase-4Although CONTROL is defined as a phase, the Control function is in place to assist our Project Management team with standardized tools and practices designed to ensure project consistency and success.

5-phase-5The CLOSE phase is the final step in the project process and is very important as it delivers the final as-built documentation to our clients. We strive to leave a lasting impression and value direct feedback from our clients regarding their experience with us. We use this information during our internal Post Mortem process to ensure we continue to learn and coach our teams to deliver exceptional experiences.

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